Curling: Marcel Rocque Illness And Health Problems -Is He Sick?

Marcel Rocque became quite out of focus at his Olympic Curling trials in SaskTel Centre. He said that he looked at the chair as he walked out of place. The coach of Team Homan took his team to the destination of his old memory.

Well, that happened to be the same year when Randy Ferby showdown with Mark Dacey. The victory was the later thing, and there were several complications which he recalls.

From an outsider distracting his team member to the moment of being praised by Heathe, he remembers the day as a mixture of everything. The player is hopeful and optimistic about retiring. 

Marcel Rocque Daughter

Marcel Rocque has two daughters. They are the most supportive when it comes to seeing him in the games. On the other hand, he is the cousin brother of Kelsey Elizabeth Rocque.

The family is full of curlers as she is a two-time world champion captain. Besides Kelsey, he has two other brothers in the family. The cousins started their curling career in the same year. 


Marcel Rocque Wife: Who Is She Married To?

Marcel Rocque married his wife Raylene Rocque, who happens to be a former curler on Kathy King's team. She is currently retired from her games. She was in the game up to 2009/2010.

The former curler retired along with Cathy. Marcel met her in the games and fell in love, which eventually turned them into spouses. Her husband has a net worth of around $1-USD 5 million.