Curtis Edward Smith Arrested In Connection To The Death Of Alex Murdaugh: Who Is He?

Curtis Edward Smith Arrested In Connection To The Death Of Alex Murdaugh: Who Is He?

Curtis Edward Smith is a man, who was arrested and charged on Tuesday with shooting troubled lawyer Alex Murdaugh in the head. The news of his arrest made headlines on Facebook. Learn more about his wife and family through this article. 

On September 4, Curtis Edward Smith was arrested in connection to the shooting of Alex Murdaugh in Hampton Country. State Law Enforcement Division has been arrested on charges of assisted suicide, assault and battery, pointing and presenting a firearm, insurance fraud, and conspiracy to commit insurance fraud.

SLED claim that Smith conspired with Murdaugh to kill him on September 4. Murdaugh ostensibly told Smith to shoot him in the head, even providing the handgun. After Murdaugh survived the shooting, he was transported to a medical facility.

Murdaugh admitted to SLED that he took a $10 million life insurance policy out on himself for the purpose of his son collecting the money.

Who Is Curtis Edward Smith?

Curtis Edward Smith is Murdaugh’s former client. 

Smith shot Murdaugh in the head on old Salkehatchie Road on September 4 and then left to dispose of the gun that the lawyer allegedly provided him. Alex told gunman, Smith to kill him, conspired on insurance fraud.

Police also accused Smith of allegedly selling methamphetamine and possessing marijuana.

Murdaugh was shot on September 4. He initially told police he was replacing a flat wheel on a rural road when a car passed him, turned around and the motorist shot him.

Curtis Edward Smith Wife And Family

Curtis Edward Smith has not revealed anything regarding his wife. His life’s certain facets are unknown to the general public. Not a lot is known about his personal information. 

Further, it is not known he has any children or not. We are following tabs on this and we will update soon once the information is available. 

Similarly, there are no details relevant to his family maintaining his low profile. In fact, information about his personal life and career is very limited on the internet. 

Has Curtis Edward Smith On Wikipedia?

Curtis Edward Smith is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. 

But, it is known that he is Murdaugh’s former client. He was charged with assisted suicide, insurance fraud, and several other counts. The news of his arrest was viral on Facebook. 

Curtis Edward Smith Arrested: Is He In Jail?

Curtis was arrested on Tuesday, September 14, 2021.

He was arrested on a charge of assisted suicide ad fraud in the shooting of a lawyer Alex earlier this month.