Damian Laplace Wikipedia: Where Is Victor Laplace Son Now?

Damian Laplace Wikipedia: Where Is Victor Laplace Son Now?

Damian Laplace Wikipedia page does not exist.

However, his mini-bio can be found in IMDb.

Damian Laplace is the son of the popular Argentine film actor Victor Laplace. His father, Victor, is known for the portrayal of President Juan Perón in the 1996 Argentine drama-historical film Eva Perón: The True Story. 

Damian Laplace Edad And Biography

Damian Laplace’s edad is not publicized yet.

Meanwhile, his father’s age is 77, and he was a prominent figure in the 1970s.

According to his biography, Damian is a composer by profession. According to his IMDb profile, he has 7 credits as a composer. His credits include El mar de Lucas (1999), Noche de silencio insomne (2010), Iron Gate, the Exile of Peron (2012), and La prisa del hielo (2012).

Damian was born from the relationship of Victor Laplace and Renata Schussheim.  His mother, Renata, is a renowned Argentine costume designer and artist, scenographer, and illustrator. 

Quick Facts:

Name Damian Laplace
Gender Male
Nationality Argentine
Profession Composer
Parents Victor Laplace and Renata Schussheim

Some Facts On Damian Laplace

  1. Damian Laplace’s net worth is contributed by his earnings as a composer. But the actual figure is under review.
  2. Regarding the family, his parents Victor and Renata, first met in 1967 when Victor was working at the Di Tella Institute for the main role of  Timón de Atenas. They lived as a couple for some years and separated later.
  3. Damian does not have siblings in his family as he is the only child of his parents.
  4. Damian Laplace’s wife’s details are still away from the media. Moreover, he has kept his children or hijos information in private.
  5. Some of the popular movie works of his father includes No habrá más penas ni olvido (1983), Flores robadas en los jardines de Quilmes (1985), El amor y el espanto (2000), and Los Exitosos Perez (2009).
  6. After ending the relationship with his mother, Victor was in a relationship with the late Argentinian dancer, vedette, model, and actress Nelida Lobato.
  7. Where Is Victor Laplace Son Now? Damian is far from the media coverage. Sho it is not known where he is now.

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