Who Is Dan Sucu? Know His Net Worth And Family

Who Is Dan Sucu? Know His Net Worth And Family

Dan Sucu Wikipedia page may not be available but this article presents the details of the businessman biografie.

Dan is a Romanian entrepreneur. He is the owner of the furniture business, Mobexpert furniture, a furniture manufacturer and retailer.

Is Dan Sucu on Wikipedia?

Dan Sucu’s Wikipedia page is not present as of now.

Sucu started his business journey by running a fruit and clothing business in Turkey. However, his interests built on learning and producing art and craft of his own.

After a visit to a furniture fair in France in 1993, Dan finally found a business that will sustain throughout his life, something of his interest. At the moment, he wanted to act upon the knowledge he gained in the fair for his native country.

At present, Mobexpert has 26 national and international hypermarkets and furniture stores. Besides, it operates from 8 factories employing around 2,300 employees. 

Dan Sucu Biografie

Dan Sucu’s biografie can be a valuable lesson for several youths.

Sucu was born on the 25th of April, 1963 in Bucharest, Romania. His name by birth was Dan Viorel Sucu. Details about his parents are yet to be discovered.

Dan began his furniture business, Mobexpert in 1993 at the age of 30 in a small space rented in a complex. At the time, Dan intended to sell office furniture made of leather as he had seen in the fair in France.

Dan says his company grew faster than he expected. He tried his best to control everything around him and well manage the activities for sustained growth.

Dan Sucu Familie: Who is his Wife?

Sucu’s family includes his wife Diana Sucu.

Dan’s first wife was Camelia Sucu. He had two daughters with her. After divorcing Camelia, he married Diana in 2007. Diana was a former TV presenter.

Dan and Diana have two sons together, However, information on their sons is unrevealed yet.

Dan Sucu Net Worth

Dan Sucu’s net worth is over a billion but the real figures are disclosed.

Sucu is the sole owner of his business, Mob Expert that has an annual turnover of over 200 million euros.

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