Who Is Darren Apolonio From Project Runway Season 19? Meet The Contestant On Instagram

Who Is Darren Apolonio From Project Runway Season 19? Meet The Contestant On Instagram

Project Runway contestant Darren Appolonio is 27 years of age. The fashion designer was inspired by David Brownie and Lady Gaga’s style. Find details about his age and net worth below.

Darren Appolonio is a designer from the Philipines. He will make his debut in the 19th edition of the Project Runway, and it will premiere on TV on the 14th of October.

Moreover, Project Runway is a fashion design competition show with a fantastic panel of participants.

Darren is one of the sixteen competitors who has set his goal to win the show.

Darren Appolonio Age: How Old Is He?

Darren Appolonio is 27 years of age.

He was born in the year 1994, but his birthday details are a mystery to the internet. Darren was fascinated by fashion and clothes designing during his childhood in Manila.

Although he currently lives in the NewYork City, he is originally from the Philippines and belongs to Philipino nationality.

Darren Appolonio Wikipedia Biography

Darren Appolonio is a well-known fashion designer, but he has not been listed on Wikipedia.

He recently came to media attention for representing Asia in the 19th edition of Project runway.

Darren had a callous early life, and he grew up with his single mother and three sisters.

He was a great admirer of famous artists like David Brownie and Lady Gaga. The young fan was captivated by their fearless sense of fashion, which led him into the fashion world.

Darren went on to get his BFA degree in Fashion at SCAD and built his foundation in fashion. After his graduation, he moved to New York to work under famous designers, fashion houses, and stylists.

Darren Appolonio Net Worth Revealed

Darren Appolonio’s net worth has been reported to be about $1 million.

His ability to create a clothing trademark and spendthrift ensembles at an affordable price guides him to great riches. 

Furthermore, Darren has been designing clothes for more than seven years and has been his primary source of income.

Darren Appolonio Instagram

Darren Appolonio is active on Instagram as @darrenapolonio.

He has been sharing pictures on his page since 2017 and also posts a lot of IG stories to stay connected with his followers.

The 27-year old mostly shares his designs and upcoming events on his handle and has managed to earn more than 2.4k followers.

Furthermore, he recently established a public Twitter account in July of 2021 under the username @devilboydarren.