David Beriain Wikipedia: What Happened To Him? Details Inside

David Beriain Wikipedia: What Happened To Him? Details Inside

David Beriain was a Spanish journalist and docu-director. Get to know his Wikipedia along with his familia and wife. Was he on Instagram?

Three Europeans have been killed by an ambush in Burkina Faso and among them, David Beriain is one. The Spanish journalist and the director was working on a documentary in Africa. 

As per reports, he was making a documentary about wildlife poaching in Burkina Faso. No organization or individual has taken responsibility for the killings just yet. 

David Beriain Wikipedia: Get to know the journalist

David Beriain has a well-dedicated Wikipedia biography and was deserving of it as well. 

Moreover, David was a fierce documentary director and journalist who was a specialist in covering conflict and violent areas. He specialized in armed conflicts, violence, and immersion journalism. 

He was best known for his 2015 Discovery documentary, Clandestine Amazon. Besides, he has covered and directed a lot of documentaries including conflicts in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

David Beriain Familia and Wife

David Beriain’s familiar and wife have not come forward with a comment yet. 

The loss of one of the key figures in Spain, his family is mourning along with the rest of the world. We forward our heartfelt condolences to his friends and family. 

Was David Beriain on Instagram?

David Beriain was quite active on Instagram and Twitter. 

His Instagram account still has more than 11k followers. His last Insta post is a promo of one of his episodes of the new documentary he was shooting. 

A lot of people and celebrities have expressed their condolences in the comment section of the post.  

Moreover, he was shooting a documentary about wildlife poaching alongside the Spanish journalist, Roberto Fraile and an Irish conservationist, Rory Young. As per Wikipedia, they were all ambushed by a jihadist group, Nusrat al-Islam who opened fire. 

The world mourns the loss of three significant figures on conflict and wildlife documentary and conservation. 

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