News 9 Journalist David Kelso Koma Has Died: Find His Wikipedia Bio And Death Cause

News 9 Journalist David Kelso Koma Has Died: Find His Wikipedia Bio And Death Cause

David Kelso Koma is not featured on Wikipedia. He reportedly died on September 14 due to a powerful type of brain cancer.

David was an Oklahoman columnist and KRXO radio station personality. He, as of late, died because of cerebrum malignancy. 

Kelso never neglected to delight individuals as a circle jockey at KOMA. He was a man energetic with regards to music. His time of death is obscure.  Kelso is additionally accessible on Twitter.

He has bent with regards to his disease also. He said he needed to take a few drugs for his treatment.

Obituary: David Kelso Koma Death Cause

David Kelso passed away on 14 September 2021 because of Glioblastoma, a forceful type of brain infection.

He was playing a game on his telephone when he began seeing abnormal tracers on a Saturday of December out of nowhere. 

Out of nowhere, he felt sick and set down to rest. At the point when he woke up, it was Sunday at 9:45 in a clinic.

Kelso looked into his malignancy in December 2019 when he was in his home. Then, at that point, he was analyzed, and his mental disease was discovered.  The specialists in the Stephenson Cancer Center performed a medical procedure to eliminate the growth and tart chemo and radiation treatment. 

David Kelso Koma Wikipedia Biography

The Wikipedia site has not featured Davis’s bio yet.

David Kelso got $29 957 as remuneration as an RJ for his powerful show. He served the business for more than 30 years. 

His most recent posts of himself working showed he was an energetic RJ. He was a piece of motivation to all.

Find Out David Kelso Koma Age

David’s age at the time of his death is not known.

David was probably in his 60s but faced an untimely demise due to cancer.

Who Is David Kelso Koma Wife?

David Kelso was married to his wife, Dana Kelso.

Likewise, the couple was blessed with two kids, a child and a girl. He mentioned that all he pondered was his family. 

Kelso conceded that he drew nearer to his family when he was in the emergency clinic with the principal hit of his ailment. 

At the point when he endured his first treatment, he kissed and embraced them. His death has made his entire fan base emotional.

His Net Worth Revealed

David certainly has a good amount of net worth.

He worked as a radio jockey for more than 30 years.