David Malin Actor Wikipedia: Everything To Know

David Malin Actor Wikipedia: Everything To Know

David Malin, the actor has been featured as the son of Joan Le Mesurier in the article of Joan Le Mesurier. Let’s find out everything about David Malin in the following article.

David Malin was an actor who was born on June 10, 1957, in Broadstairs, Kent, England, UK.

The actor’s birth name was David Mark Malin. The late actor was also a composer too.

Unfortunately, the actor respired his last breath on September 15, 2017.

David Malin Actor Wikipedia: His Biography

David Malin was an actor who was featured on Wikipedia as the step-son of John Le Mesurier in the article of John Le Mesurier.

Unfortunately, the actor’s own article has not been published yet. Though he has been featured on IMDb.

According to IMDb, David was popular for his acting skill and his music concept. He got a chance to perform in films like The Modernista in 2003.

Further, the actor had shown his acting in John Le Mesurier’s “It’s All Been Rather Lovely” in 2012. Additionally, he had also enrolled in “The Unforgettable  John Le Mesurier” in 2001.

David Malin Age: How Old Is He?

The actor David Malin diminished at the age of 59, in 2017.

The funeral of the actor was held in Thanet on October 20, 2017. The late actor lived more than half-century in this world.

David had done many struggles to make his career which made him a known face in the entertainment industry. Music and acting was his passion which was fulfilled in a short period of time.

At the age of 59, the world got a chance to experience his immense acting skill and heart-touchable music.

David Malin Wife: His Family Explored

David Malin was married to his wife Susan Griffiths with whom he loves the most.

As recorded, his biological father was Mark Eden. John Le Mesurier was the stepfather of David who an English actor and known for his comedic role in the film industry.

His mother continued to stay in Ramsgate after the death of his father from Cirrhosis of the liver in 1983. Later his mother married John Le Mesurier.

David himself was the father of actress Emma Griffiths Malin. His daughter Emma is an English actress and a film director and known for her role of Annable in Lolita.   

David Malin Net Worth: Is He On Twitter?

The late actor, David’s net worth and Twitter account are not available. Probably, the data might be deleted after his death.

Being a family member of filmy background, the actor was probably wealthy during his survival time. Probably, the composer wanted to keep his personal details away from social media.

His personal Twitter account might be deactivated. Though his name was mentioned on the Twitter account of Isle of Thanet News.