David Sillito Twitter And Salary Details

David Sillito is on Twitter at @DavidSillitoBBC.

Sillito has a verified account with a follower count of 1,660 and counting. David is also active on Instagram. His latest tweet about Only Connect made his total number of tweets to 3,000.

His Twitter bio reads BBC Media and Arts Correspondent and Scarborian.

Glassdoor estimated the average salary of a BBC correspondent in the UK at £62,584 - £76,511 annually.

Considering his two decade-plus experience it is safe to assume that Sillito has a salary above the average, £76,511+

David Sillito BBC Wikipedia

David Sillito joined BBC in the early 2000s. He got the job on the network as a journalist and reporter in North East England.

After working for over a decade in BBC, he was appointed as the correspondent for Media and Arts in 2013. Since then, he has remained the correspondent.

A correspondent in BBC is responsible for making on-screen news and present it on the television network.

His single mother raised Sillito in Scarborough.

David Sillito Age And Wife Revealed

David Sillito is quite a contained person regarding his wife, age, or personal details.

But looking at his photos, it is clear that the age of the man is well above 50 and well under 55 years of age. We can hypothesize his age based on the fact that he joined BBC somewhere around 2000.

Sillito spent his teenage enrolled at the Scalby Comprehensive School. Before joining BBC, he graduated from the University of Leeds in journalism.

Regarding his wife, presuming his relationships based on general categorization could be false. So, unless Sillito himself confirms any information, the question remains open.