Deon Derrico Occupation and Family Income: What Does Deon Derrico Do For Living?

Deon Derrico Occupation and Family Income: What Does Deon Derrico Do For Living?

Deon Derrico is an actor and a real estate investor who is also known by his nickname “Rico”. Growing up in Michigan, Derrico had a lot to overcome in his life to become an actor and to be in a relatively prosperous position he is in right now.

Currently living in Hollywood, California, Deon has established a company named “Deon Derrico Entertainment Inc.” and quickly started doing work there. His company offered acting classes and also produced different movies and series for film and Television. However, his acting career has always had struggles and Deon has done side jobs to support his acting career.

Quick Facts: Deon Derrico Occupation and Family Income: What Does Deon Derrico Do For Living?
Name Deon Derrico
Birthday September 16, 1983
Age 33
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Profession Real Estate Investor/ Actor
Parents Marian Derrico and Eddie Derrico
Net Worth $6 million dollars
Married/Single Married
Wife Karen Carter Derrico
Children 14 kids
Instagram @deonderrico

Deon’s parents divorced when he was just 13 and that was a big blow to him. His grandmother played a major role in his upbringing as she tried to fill the void of the separated parents. Deon’s father owned a construction company and his mother owned a hairstyling salon. Deon attended public schools as they were cheaper and started doing dramas. That’s when his passion for acting really started to grow and he decided to stick with it and successfully made a career out of it.

Deon Derrico Occupation And Family Income

Deon Derrico is an actor and most of his income comes from acting in movies and films.

However, it’s a little surprising that his IMDB page shows no acting credits. He has established a company known as “Deon Derrico Entertainment Inc.” which is where he does the movie productions, acting lessons, and other works.

However, some sites also say that he works in a construction firm as a real estate investor. So, reports are a bit confusing.

We don’t know what the family income of Deon Derrico is but I am sure they are doing fine. Deon hasn’t made crazy money as some celebrities in show business have made but he makes a decent amount.

Deon Derrico Wife: Karen Carter Derrico

Deon is married to Karen Carter Derrico since 2002 and they have a successful marriage. Deon’s wife Karen handles the business of a successful Day Care Center named after their daughter.

Deon and Karen have a crazy family of 11 children. There are two sets of twins and once quintuplets.

They are very happy to do the job and take care of 11 kids. Currently, they are in talks of getting a reality TV show after their family. Karen and Deon are getting ready to have another set of triplets this August.

Karen said in an interview that they haven’t ruled out more children. It’s a big family but it’s fun I guess.

They all look really sweet and happy- after all, that’s what matters the most.

Dean Derrico Children

This is a picture of Deon with his kids. It might look exhausting to some people to have 14 babies but Deon and Karen absolutely love it. Deon and Karen have had twins, quintuplets, triplets and they all are one happy bunch. His kids are:

  • Darian Derrico (13)
  • Derrick (8)
  • Dallas and Denver (7-year-old twins)
  • Deniko Dariz, Deonee, Dacian and Daiten (5-year-old quintuplets)
  • Diez and Dior (21 months old twins)

Deon and Karen had another baby Carter with Diez and Dior but unfortunately, he died shortly after birth. We don’t know a few names but according to Deon’s Twitter handle, Deon has 14 kids.

Deon Derrico Net Worth 2020

Deon Derrico has a net wth of $6 million dollars. He is a real estate investor and now his family has a reality TV show. So, that figure makes sense.

Besides, he deserves it because he has 14 kids to take care of.

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