Where Is Detective Jeff Payne Now? Is He In Jail? Update 

Detective Jeff Payne is currently employed at the Weber County jail as a part-timer, per the recent update by The Salt Lake Tribune.

Payne was hired back on August 9 and is currently working without any staff benefits.

Hence, he is not in jail but working for the jail as a part-timer.

The lawbreaker law enforcement officer was granted the position of a civilian corrections assistant to work in the medical unit of the jail.

The jail's human resources confirmed that they accepted Payne due to his certified paramedic experience.

They are confident that he has an extensive background in the medical field.

Payne's new job posting has created headlines as of now as the public is still furious over the mishandling of his power back then.

Was Detective Jeff Payne Fired For The Nurse Case?

Detective Jeff Payne was indeed fired by his employer branch of the police department back in October 2017.

The incident had created a huge commotion and even made national headlines.

The public was critical of Payne's doings and later his concern for not accepting his mistakes in the nurse case.

Thus, he was bound to get fired for breaking the rules despite being a law enforcement officer.

Meanhwile, his recent job at the jail marks the second time that the Weber County jail is hiring a fired law enforcement police officer.

Meet Detective Jeff Payne Wife and Family

Detective Jeff Payne's personal life details including his wife and family details are not accessible at the moment.

Despite being one of the hatest people in the state back then, not much information on his family is not on display.

Hence, we hope to update this section as soon as we track down all the relatable information on him.