Did Joe Scarborough Kill Someone?

No, Joe Scarborough didn't kill anybody.

The whole debate whether he killed someone or not started in 2017 when then US president Tweeted a bunch of tweets labeling Joe as a murderer of Lori Bolterstein Klausutis.

Lori was an intern for Joe Scarborough when he was in the office of the United States House of Representatives.

Bolterstein was found dead at the office on July 29, 2001. As per the autopsy report, she had a skull fracture falling head first on the desk.

A thorough autopsy concluded that her fall was the result of an undiagnosed heart condition, causing her to lose consciousness.

However, her sudden death sparked a new conspiracy that Joe was responsible for her death. And, after 20 years, the conspiracy is still alive and is brought up regularly.

Trump's tweets in 2017 and 2020 added more fire to the conspiracy, claiming Scarborough had something to do with the conspiracy.

Is Joe Scarborough Killed? 

No, Joe Scarborough was not killed. He is doing just fine and is perfectly healthy.

Currently, Joe is the co-hosts of Morning Joe on MSNBC alongside his wife,  Mika Brzezinski.

Scarborough was dragged into a wild conspiracy theory for the sudden death of his intern, Lori Bolterstein Klausutis, back in 2001.

Joe Scarborough: Lori Bolterstein Klausutis Cold Case

Lori Bolterstein Klausutis's death is not a cold case. The investigation got concluded in 2001, and Joe Scarborough was cleared of any involvement or foul play.

It was Former President Donald Trump who brought up Lori's death and proclaimed it a cold case.

Bolterstein, aged 28, was found dead in Scarborough Florida, where she worked as constituent services coordinator.

As per the autopsy report, she died of an undisclosed heart condition which made her unconscious. Then she fell and hit her head hard on the desk, causing her instant death.

Still, after 20 years, this case is brought up regularly, especially during any political fiasco occurring in America.