The Bluebell System TikTok Death Cause: Did She Commit Suicide?

The Bluebell System from TikTok has passed away today according to reports on Twitter. 

Moreover, the 20-year-old was famous for her videos regarding mental health and addiction recovery. She was a recovering addict herself. 

Reports on Twitter imply that Indie took her own life. It looks like the mental pressure got to her and she couldn't take it anymore. And tragically, the young TikTok star died of suicide

We are yet to find out further details about her death. She did look quite positive in her last few videos though. 

The Bluebell System Instagram And Real Name

The Bluebell System's real name is Indie Walker. She was famous for her TikTok name though. 

Moreover, Indie did have an Instagram presence as well. She had over 25k followers on the platform, making posts about mental health and chronic illness recovery. 

It is a real shame that the social media star died of suicide after all the hard work she had put into aware people of mental health. Her videos were exceptionally emotional and provided deep meaning. 


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Indie Walker Age And Sexuality

Indie Walker passed away at the age of 20. 

Moreover, she was non-binary by sexuality. Her Instagram bio reads "she/they." In addition to that, she was mental health and chronic illness patient and confirmed that she was recovering nicely. 

But it doesn't seem so now. The news of her suicide has left everyone on TikTok in ruins. 

Based in Hampshire, England, Bluebell's TikTok account has more than 130k followers and 4 million likes. Her content was appraised by many and it is a tragedy that we won't be seeing her anymore. 

We forward our deepest condolences to her boyfriend and family. May they find all the courage in the world.