Did Wendy Moten Break Her Arms After Falling Off Stage?

Wendy has finally returned to the show with a fractured wrist and broken elbow. She performed Dolly Parton's "Jolene" song during the top 10 Live performances. 

Judges and Wendy's supporters appreciated her powerful voice and singing talents in the show. 


Well, Wendy can sing any genre of the song. Did you know? She has released a handful of songs and albums so far. Her few notable songs are Whatever You Imagine, All I Do, So Close To Love, Can't We Get Along, and many more. 

The Memphis-born singer is way more talented and deserving. 

Wendy Moten Accident And Injury Update 

Wendy tumbled and fell off stage on Tuesday, November 23, a live episode of The Voice on NBC. She was hospitalized and broke her right elbow and fractured her left wrist. 

It is not a mere injury, she was a little bruised, but the way she continued her singing passion despite the incident is well deserving.  

Whatsoever, Wendy has overcome the treatments. She has now revealed the extent of her injuries, and she is ok to some extent.

Wendy Moten Falling Video Reactions On YouTube

The 56-year-old singer Wendy is highly active on Instagram and Twitter. Her fan following is massive. 

On YouTube, there are long threads of concerned messages. The user Wendy Wacko wrote, "the ONE time Wendy didn't wear her Cape, or she could've flown over the speaker box." 

Nonetheless, Wendy Moten's face plant video is available on YouTube and Twitter.