Donald Craighead Is Arrested With Machete Bayonet Near DNC Headquarters: Who Is He?

Donald Craighead Is Arrested With Machete Bayonet Near DNC Headquarters: Who Is He?

The news of Donald Craighead being arrested while on patrol with Machete near DNC headquarters was overwhelming over Facebook. Let’s get to know the detailed information regarding his arrest. 

Donald, a California man who had a bayonet and machete with him, was arrested near DNC headquarters. According to the U.S. Capitol Police said, he was arrested on suspicion of possession of banned weapons.

The police said in a news statement that an officer was on patrol around midnight when he saw a Dodge Dakota pickup truck with a swastika and other white supremacist figures drawn on it outside the DNC headquarters.

It is not clear if Donald was preparing to attend any upcoming exhibits or if he has ties to any previous cases in the area. The police continue to review the incident. 

Oceanside CA: Donald Craighead Facebook 

After being arrested near the Democratic National Committee headquarters, Donald Craighead became an internet sensation.

He is a subject of matters on social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Many social media users are interested to know detailed information about him. 

Donald Craighead Wife And Family 

Donald has not revealed anything regarding his wife. His personal information is minimal on the internet. 

Talking about his family, there is no information about his parents, but his grandmother, Joanne Craighead, came out into the media to talk about Donald. 

Daniel Craighead Age And Wikipedia 

Donald Craighead’s age is currently 44 years.

However, the date when he was born is not found on the web yet. 

Moving on,  Donald does not have his Wikipedia. Having said that, his information about his personal life and career is not available on the internet. 

He was arrested after finding a bayonet and machete in his truck near the Democratic National Committee headquarters. He caught everyone’s eye because he had white supremacy symbols and was outside the DNC headquarters.

Similarly, there is no information about his height and weight. 

Donald Craighead Arrested: Is He In Jail

The U.S. Capitol Police arrested Donald Craighead from the ocean after obtaining a bayonet and machete in his vehicle near the DNC headquarters.

The truck did not have a license plate but rather had the image of an American flag.

All Capitol Police officers will be on duty that day, and the Washington Metropolitan Police Department will have a greater appearance. And, they pulled over the vehicle along the 500 block of South Capitol Street, SW.