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Dr Craig Spencer

Dr. Craig Spencer is a medical doctor. Besides, he is a director in Global Health in Emergency. The man is based on Columbia University Medical Center. Moreover, he has was also a field epidemiologist in Asia and Africa.

Name Dr. Craig Spencer
Age Late 30s
Gender Male
Height 6 feet
Weight 77 kg
Nationality American
Profession Field Epidemiologist
Married/Single Married
Children Yes
Twitter @Craig_A_Spencer

10 Facts on Dr. Craig Spencer 

  1. Dr. Craig Spencer is an American field epidemiologist. His age should be in the late 30s. However, his actual birthdate and zodiac sign are not yet revealed.
  2. Spencer is a married man with a child. He met his wife while he was studying in China. Moreover, he has a 1-year-old daughter as well. Besides that, not many details on them are available.
  3. Craig does not have a Wikipedia. But some online websites have certain details on his career life. Moreover, most of the sites have admired his contribution.
  4. Spencer is one of the wealthy persons. Moreover, he has a net worth of $2,833,438 dollars in 2020. But his salary is not revealed until now.
  5. Craig is a handsome man with a perfect physique. Also, he has an amazing height. The man is 6 feet tall, which is 1.83 meters. Moreover, he weighs 77 kg.
  6. Spencer was an active medical person during the spread of the Ebola virus in Africa. Besides, he went to guinea to study and care for patients. Indeed, he is a caring and responsible doctor.
  7. Craig is also known for surviving the Ebola virus. He was diagnosed with it in 2014. Also, he was the only one to have the virus in New York.
  8. As of now, the man is busy studying the new Corona virus. It is also known as the Wuhan virus or COVID-19. Moreover, he is also warning and awaring people about its deadly effects.
  9. The pandemic caused by the virus has deadly effects on people. Until now, over 19,000 of the infected people have died.
  10. Spencer is active on Twitter. He shares the medical-related issues time and again from his account. Besides, he has amassed 61.2 K followers on Twitter.