10 Facts About Dr. Stephen Hoge

  1. Dr. Stephen Hoge is the President of Moderna, Inc. He was recently interviewed by the news channel where he described the race to vaccinate Americans and how its vaccine protects against new COVID-19 variants. 
  2. Furthermore, Dr. Stephen Hoge a few days back also said that the wave of Covid-19 will remain for the next couple of years because of the Mutant virus.
  3. Moderna vaccine is being administered across the U.S.A and Hoge has been asking the FDA to allow the company in order to increase the doses which can fit in a vial to help increase rollout.
  4. Furthermore, Dr.Stephen Hoge has kept his love life private to himself so the details about his wife are not known to the public.
  5. As per the sources, the net worth of Dr. Stephen Hoge is $287 Million American Dollars.
  6. The details of his family and parents including his siblings and his children have been kept off the records. 
  7. Moderna President, Hoge is currently at the age of 44 years old.
  8. Furthermore, he does not have a Wikipedia profile.
  9. He is not on the social media platform.
  10. He has received an undergraduate degree from the University of California and Amherst College.