Where is ITV Duncan Golestani From? Heritage Explored

Where is ITV Duncan Golestani From? Heritage Explored

Lets Explore Duncan Golestani Heritage and Wikipedia and know all about this BBC presenter.

Golestani is a journalist from the United Kingdom. He actually traveled to Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Egypt to cover different stories.

Golestani, in addition to being a reporter, also works as a journalism mentor for ITV News, where he teaches writing, presenting, and speech skills.

Ducan Golestani Heritage And Origin Explored

Duncan Golestani’s ancestors and parents’ origins are not well documented on the internet.

He was born and raised in the English capital of London. He was born in the United Kingdom. His race, on the other hand, is nowhere to be seen.

However, we discovered that his father is an Iranian from one of his tweets.

Since he is currently residing in the United Kingdom, his father must be a non-residential Iranian in the country. It’s quite possible that his mother is British and that’s how they ended up in the UK.

Ducan Golestani ITV and Wikipedia

Duncan Golestani is not featured on the Wikipedia page.

Golestani grew up in the United Kingdom. He also finished his studies at UK universities and was quickly convinced to pursue a career in the related industry.

He began his journalism career in 2005 and is still going strong today. He did, however, obtain a postgraduate degree in Broadcast Journalism from Cardiff University before beginning his career.

Duncan’s first job as a journalist was with ITV News, according to his LinkedIn profile, and his most recent one is with BBC News World since 2016.

The popular net worth website says his net worth is $1.5 million and nothing much is there to explore about his salary.

He has a verified Twitter account.

Ducan Golestani Wife And Family

Ducan Golestani probably is single.

He doesn’t have a wife, as nothing is there to support the fact that he is married, and not much is known about his family and relationship status.



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