Durte Dom Real Name Dominykas Zeglaitis: His Gay Hoax Debunked

Durte Dom Real Name Dominykas Zeglaitis: His Gay Hoax Debunked

Durte Dom Real Name Dominykas Zeglaitis: His Gay Hoax Debunked. Get to know all the details regarding the famous musician in the following article.

Durte Dom is a famous musician from America. Furthermore, he is also a famous Youtuber as well as a social media influencer. Dom has been friends with another Youtuber David Dobrik for quite some time now. In fact, he helped David grow his Youtube channel in his early days.

Dom was born on June 29, 1995, in Lithuania, the United States of America. The 25 years old is a hip-hop artist as well. In fact, he regularly combines with other famous artists and makes music. Recently, he was seen working with Lil Nas.

Durte Dom Real Name

Durte Dom real name is Dominykas Zeglaitis.

However, he is popular on all his social media accounts with his stage name Durte Dom. In fact, he has his own Youtube channel titled Durte Dom where he has more than 863k followers.

Durte Dom: His Gay Hoax Debunked

Durte Dom spoke about his sexuality in his recent video.

There were speculations that the famous Youtuber was gay but he released a new video in which he clarified everything about the hoax. 

David Dobrik Rape Accusations Update

In March of 2021, a woman accused Durte Dom in charge of rape and she added that David Dobrik was present that night.

Durte Dom and David Dobrik are the members of a famous Youtube squad named Vlog Squad. After the sexual allegations were made, both David and Durte were heavily criticized by the fans.

The victim told the media that David filmed her alongside Durte for a “threesome” plot in their vlog. David has not spoken anything about the incident but Durte released a video titled “addressing the drama” on his Youtube channel.

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