Eboni McCann Wikipedia Details

Eboni McCann has not been featured on a Wikipedia page on the google web surface. But the details under the Gillingham Town Football cub have been highlighted on the web page.

He plays as a footballer for Gillingham Town Football Club. He reported he was racially abused by a spectator during a match against Bridport on October 9. However, he was a Caribbean mixed race.

Gillingham walked off the pitch in support of McCann and the game was abandoned, but the Dorset FA has now charged the club with misconduct.

The case has been referred to the FA (the national governing body) and will be reviewed by a panel to determine any punishment for Gillingham. It is understood the panel will consider the circumstances of the team leaving the pitch.

Eboni McCann Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating?

Eboni McCann Girlfriend and his romantic life ventures have been simmering since he met his partner Megg Ellis.

She was born on the 11th of July but her date of birth has not been unveiled.

They got married in 2019 April and has known and in a romantic relationship for a really long time and also they are a real best friend before.

They together had a son who is 4 years as of 2021.

Eboni McCann Salary And Parents

Eboni McCann was born to her parents in England but their information has not been revealed.

Eboni McCann Salary has not been revealed but his salary must be the one that pays for the footballer in a club in England.

However, the exact figure has not been related but he must have accumulated enough from his profession.

Moreover, he has a TikTok profile where he got 6104 devotees. He keeps updating his posts and some posts have retained many followers by which he might have made some figures.

How Old is Eboni McCann And How Tall Is He?

Eboni McCann is 25 years as of 2021 and he was born in 1996. Bt his exact date of birth has not been revealed anywhere.

However, he keeps posting about his wife and son's birthday posts on his social media account but he has not posted about his own.

The Gillingham town footballer might be standing at the height of 6 feet and 4 inches as per his stature in his Instagram posts.