Ebony Vagulans

Ebony Vagulans

Ebony Vagulans is a popular Australian actress. She has been very popular for her movies and television series like To Be, The Furies, and My Life is Murder.

She is a very young actress and has got a whole career in front of her to flourish. At such a small age, she has early been able to perform at big stages which are a source of inspiration to many people of the world.

Currently, she has been very much focused on her career and aims to improve every day.

Quick Facts: Ebony Vagulans
Name Ebony Vagulans
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Profession Actress
Instagram @ebonyvagulans
Twitter @EbonyVagulans

Now, Ebony has appeared in only a total of five different platforms and shows. The remaining two are Doctor Doctor and The Let Down. Her most recent one was My Life is Murder which used to be premiered in the year 2019.

She played the role of Madison Feliciano and with her amazing acting skills, she got huge popularity.

10 Facts About Ebony Vagulans:

  1. Ebony Vagulans was born in the Sydney, Australia. She spent her entire childhood there and has still been living there.
  2. She is a very young actress who still needs to perform on big stages. She has even been termed as one of the rising stars of  film industries.
  3. Her education institution hasn’t been known yet but it is believed that she learned acting from her home country itself.
  4. Ebony’s height, as well as weight, is also not yet known.
  5. All of Ebony’s five movies, as well as television series, including To Be, The Furies, My Life is Murder, Doctor Doctor, and The Let Down.
  6. From her social media accounts, it is very difficult to tell if she is single or not.
  7. Ebony Vagulans has been active on her social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter.
  8. She has more than 250 followers on her Twitter account.
  9. Also, she has gained more than 800 followers on her official Instagram account.
  10. The estimated net worth of Ebony has not been published on the internet yet.

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