Who Is Eden Marryshow? 

According to IMDb, Eden Marryshow is an award-winning Director/Writer/Actor from Flatbush, Brooklyn. 

Before entering the film industry, for over a decade, he served New York City's Department of Education as a Paraprofessional, teaching New York City's most marginalized youth. 

His passion for acting did not come true until one of his beloved students lost her life. 

Latina "Peanut" Bilbro was shot dead in a drive-by shooting. When he got the news of her death, he finally realized how short life is, and decided to keep his promise to his beloved Peanut.

She believed in him and knew he was going to make movies someday. 

Hence, to prove her right, he got in the field.

Archive 81 Cast - Eden Marryshow Wife 

Although he seems married, there are no clues of his marital status on the Internet including, his social media. 

His Instagram is full of pictures but, none of them belongs to his other half. 

Hence, until and unless he speaks himself, there would not be any details about his marital status. 

Eden Marryshow Family Explored

Like his wife, there are no details of his family too. Except for his father, with whom he has pictures on his social media. 

He recently uploaded a picture kissing him and thanking him for being a responsible, supportive, and loving father.

His father must be equally proud of him for his achievement like Best Director at the American Black Film Festival, the HBO Award for Best Film, the Audience Award at the Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival. And further, nomination for Best Film at Urbanworld Film Festival.  

Eden Marryshow Age Revealed 

Though there are no legit numbers for his date of birth, he surely seems in his mid-forties. 

The previous year became his milestone as he co-wrote, produced, and starred in the Feature Film Bruce. Further, he had his Broadway debut, as Ray Mills in the Tony Award-winning play INK. 

Explore His Wiki

There is no presence of his Wikipedia. Nonetheless, IMDb has given him space on it's site consisting of a well-written feature.


Other than that, several online portals have introduced him on the Internet. And not to leave behind social media, a major platform to explore his life.  

Find Him On Instagram

He is accessible on Instagram under the username edenmarryshow, with above 1.5k followers. 

He promotes his projects and gives focus to his work while posting stuff. There are barely any uploads other than movies, TV shows, and the entertainment field on his account.