Who Is Elaine Langone? Ken Langone Wife Age and Net Worth: Where Is She Now?

Who Is Elaine Langone? Ken Langone Wife Age and Net Worth: Where Is She Now?

Elaine Langone is very popular for being Ken Langone‘s wife. If you have been wondering about Ken Langone, he is a billionaire businessman as well as a philanthropist.

Quick Facts:

Name Elaine Langone
Gender Female
Nationality American
Married/Single Married
Husband Ken Langone (m. September 15, 1956)
Children Kenneth G. Langone Jr., Stephen Langone, and Bruce Langone

Where is she now? Talking about his wife, Elaine Langone is living with her husband in New York, United States. Although we are very much known to Kenneth aka Ken, we have very little information available about her. 

10 Facts on Elaine Langone:

  1. Elaine Langone is well-known as the wife of Ken Langone, the organizer who organizes financing for The Home of Depot.
  2. Speaking about the net worth of Elaine Langone, her husband Ken is worth approximately $4 billion as of 2021. However, we are unknown for her personal net worth.
  3. Currently, there is nothing to focus on Elaine Langone’s maternal family life. This means that you won’t find anything about her parents or siblings on the internet.
  4. Moreover, Elaine Langone and her husband share a total of three children together. They are Kenneth G. Langone Jr., Stephen Langone, and Bruce Langone.
  5. As we mentioned earlier, Elaine Langone is in New York right now and if you have any doubts about her nationality, we can confirm that she is American.
  6. According to CNBC, Elaine’s age is above 60 years while her husband Ken is already 85 years old.
  7. However, there is nothing to know about how tall Langone is. Also, we have not been able to find her weight and other body measurements.
  8. Recently, her husband admitted that he was betrayed by Donald Trump and will now support Joe Biden.
  9. Previously, he was a major donor of the Republican Political Party and now, his recent statement means that he will no longer be serving for the party. In fact, we might see him serving for the Democratic Party very soon.
  10. Speaking more about Elaine and Ken‘s relationship, the couple got married on September 15, 1956.

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