Elisabeth Moss Weight Gain Photos: How Much LLB Did She Add?

While analyzing Moss's earlier pictures with the recent ones, it does kind of look like she has put on some weight, but since she has not spoken about it to the media, we can't be too sure of it as well. 

In the second season of the Hulu series 'The Handmaid's Story,' Moss's character June was seen pregnant with Commander Fred Waterford's child.

Many of her fans speculated her to have put on some weight during that time. Meanwhile, some argued she used prosthetics, fat suits, and clothes with more padding.

However, since Elisabeth never broke her silence on her weight gain rumor, it was never addressed and to date remains a mystery. 

Nonetheless, we are confident that even if Moss were to gain significant weight, she still would look as breathtaking as ever.

Elisabeth Moss Weight Gain: What Is Elisabeth Moss Height?

Fans have always been curious about Moss's exact height, and it is one of the most googled things about her.

According to various sources, Moss stands tall at 1.6m, i.e., 5 feet 2 inches.

Her height has come in handy with her profession as she needs to appear on camera most of the time, and her long legs make her look more attractive.

It has also given her an advantage while portraying certain characters during her acting career. 

Elisabeth Moss Age: How Old Is The Actress?

On July 24, 1982, Elisabeth was born in Los Angeles, California. Right now, she's 39 years old.

She will soon be starting the 40s phase of her life. She has been aging quite gracefully, as observed from her photographs over the years.

She made her debut in her acting career at the early age of 8 years old. Moss appeared in the NBC miniseries Lucky/Chances.

She achieved the breakthrough as an actress at 17 when she appeared as 'Zoey Bartlet' in the American serial political drama TV series 'The West Wing.'

Currently, at age 39, Moss couldn't be any more successful with many hit movies and TV series under her belt.