Who Is Rome Mayoral Candidate Enrico Michetti? Wiki And Family

Who Is Rome Mayoral Candidate Enrico Michetti? Wiki And Family

People continue to search Rome Mayor candidate Enrico Michetti on Wikipedia. Here is the information on his wife and net worth.

Enrico is a well-known lawyer and politician. He is the man who compared COVID-19 to flu.

Furthermore, he introduced the Roman salute for greeting one another during the pandemic.

Finally, the Capitoline center-right has decided to identify Enrico as their candidate for the upcoming Mayoral election.

Is Enrico Michetti On Wikipedia?

Enrico Michetti’s biografia has not been introduced on Wikipedia yet.

Nevertheless, we can learn about him via his Facebook profile. He has earned approximately 55 thousand followers.

Moreover, he has remained active on Twitter since November 2019. He has more than 500 followers.

Also, he can be found on Instagram under the username of @michettienrico. He has gained at least 700 followers there.

Who Is His Wife?

Enrico Michetti has remained silent about his wife.

He hasn’t spoken about her on any social media platforms. Moreover, we have no pictures of the couples yet.

Thus, rumors are saying that Enrico could still be single. We aren’t sure about the dishes, but that could be true.

To be clear, he hasn’t been open about his familia. Thus, we have no clue about his children, parents, and siblings too.

His Net Worth Explored

Enrico Michetti’s estimated net worth is probably around a million.

Indeed, he has earned enough as both lawyer and politician. However, the exact amount of his net worth is still left to be published.

Right now, we have no idea about his salary or assets. Hopefully, the man himself will reveal everything as soon as possible.

Born on March 9, 1966, Enrico’s eta is 55 years. The COVID-19 pandemic ruined both his 54th and 55th birthday.

Know About The Rome Mayor Candidate

Enrico Michetti is the new candidate for Rome Mayor.

According to ANSA, he will be on a ticket with Simonetta Matone.

Apart from politics, Enrico has been working for Michetti Law Firm since 2000.

Furthermore, he works as an external professor of public law and administrative innovation at the University of Cassino.

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