Where Is Eric Lupher Going?

Eric Lupher is finally bidding farewell to the news channel Denver 7 after his decade-long association without the prior information of why he is leaving his dream job.

Eric had called the opportunity to work with Denver 7 as his dream come true as he could work from his hometown and still be a part of such a prestigious news channel.

There is no news about him switching his job field as he is curious to try something new or any dissatisfaction in the current workplace.

However, we hope that his decision leads him to a better place and gives name and fame he deserves. He is very dedicated to his job, and being a reporter was his childhood dream.

Is He Leaving Denver 7? Whereabouts Update

Eri Lupher has already planned on leaving his decade-long workplace; he confirmed it in a tweet he posted on his Twitter handle on January 9, 2022.

He had tweeted about how grateful he is to be known as the part of Denver 7, and it was a bittersweet decision to leave it behind. He said he would miss his co-anchor, Katie LaSalle.

In his tweet, he had further said leaving the news channel is his personal decision, and he is very grateful for what he had accomplished as a journalist of Denver 7.

So the journalist is leaving the news channel without prior information of where he is going.

What Happened To Eric Lupher?

Eric Lupher has not talked about what caused him to leave his dream workplace behind. Being the journalist of Denver 7, he had also won the Emmy awards for one of his morning newscasts.

Two times Emmy award-winning journalist is not so open about leaving the news channel Denver 7 after the decade-long association. 

At Metropolitan State College of Denver, Eric began his career as a news director for a student-produced program.

He then moved to Reno station Nevada where he got a chance to interview Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. He was upgraded to primetime anchor after only five months with the Reno.