Who is Ernest Khalimov? Is GigaChad Dead Or Alive?

Who is Ernest Khalimov? Is GigaChad Dead Or Alive?

Ernest Khalimov is rumored to be in a car accident. Is Giga Chad Dead Or Alive? Let’s abridge our curiosity.

Ernest Khalimov is a model and fitness trainer who gained popularity after people discovered the real face behind the trending Giga Chad meme.

Giga Chad refers to an alpha male. If you see the pictures of the man in Giga Chad memes then you cannot deny that the man is another definition of perfection.

So, it has been discovered that his perfection was inspired by a real man called Ernest Khalimov.

Ernest Khalimov Car Accident Update

Ernest Khalimov being in a car accident is nothing more than a rumor.

A YouTube video was uploaded on 26th April 2021 claiming Ernest has died, but as it was not from a verified source we assume it being bogus.

So, there has been no news regarding the model being in a car accident.

In fact, the model himself has made a long Instagram post claiming he is aware of all the memes and thankful for all his supporters.

Is Giga Chad Dead?

Giga Chad is not dead, he is alive.

In fact, Giga Chad is only a meme character inspired by a Russian model.

However, a Reddit post was made a year ago with Giga Chad in a coffin. Nevertheless, it was just a meme and various other Giga Chad memes have been posted since then.

Ernest Khalimov Age And Height

Ernest Khalimov’s age is in the range of late 20s to early 30s.

Despite all the popularity, the model prefers to keep his personal details private. So, we can only guess his age through his recent pictures.

However, as per the source,  his meme personality, Giga Chad age is 21 years old and his birthday is on 27th July.

Furthermore, Khalimov’s height must be greater than 6 feet as Giga Chad stands at the towering height of 6 feet and 8 inches.

Meet Him On Instagram

Ernest Khalimov is available on Instagram under the username @belin.1969.

He joined the platform in 2016 and has amassed 197k followers on his handle since then.

His Instagram feed is full of his masculine modeling pictures.


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