Who Is Ester Dona Married To? Everything To Know About The Popular Spanish Model

Who Is Ester Dona Married To? Everything To Know About The Popular Spanish Model

Ester Dona is a Spanish model whose biography is yet to publish on the Wikipedia page. Continue reading the article to explore more about the model.

Ester Dona is a well-known Spanish model who rose to prominence when her late husband, a national court judge, died.

Meanwhile, Ester had a relationship even before the death of her husband, which became public as soon the news of his passing came out.

Let us find out the fact regarding the widow’s new relationship in the article below.

The Spanish Ester Done is not featured on the official page of Wikipedia as of now, despite her numerous titles and fame.

Similarly, it is difficult to obtain other detailed information about the model as she deleted anything that might provide any hints about her. The background details, including, of course, her social media profiles are also swiped clean.

She decided to change her looks and erase her past, and it took her a long time to recover.

However, Ester began modeling when she was just 19 years old and New Fashion is the agency that launched her to popularity.

Dona worked with several different agencies and began to gain reputation after marrying a judge who was considerably older than her.


Ester Dona Edad: How Old Is The Lady Of The Spanish Judge?

The Lady of the late Spanish Judge, Carlos Falco, is presently 43 years old as born on December 30, 1977.

Her late husband, Carlos, was 83 years old when he died due to an infection of Covid-19. 

Following that, Carlos was forty years older than Dona, and they got married in 2017. 

Before getting engaged with her, Carlos already had three wives; Jannine Girod, Isabel Preysler, and María de Fátima. 

He was well-known for managing the family estate-bottled wine brand “Marqués de Grión.” 

In 2014, the American publication Wine Spectator named it one of the world’s finest wines.

Ester Dona And Husband Santiago Pedraz Matrimonious Event

Esther Dona revealed her new relationship with Santiago Pedraz, a National Court judge, this summer. 

Lately, there has been a rumor that the new couple is married; however, Dona stated: “At the moment, we are fine as we are. We are both from stable relationships.“

The pair photographed for the magazine Hello there in their most recent public appearance, and Esther has spoken up about their love.

Done claims that while Carlos was not around, he revealed that he saw Santiago as the man she wanted to be.

As she told the magazine, Santiago and she shared their secrets, and they frequently recall Carlos.  

Furthermore, the couple is currently preparing for the sale of the book from October 27, 2021.

Meet The Spanish Model Ester Dona On Instagram

The Spanish model Ester Dona is available on Instagram under the handle @estherdona_oficial.

She currently has 10k followers and shares more than 200 posts on her Instagram handle. 

Now, the model frequently posts pictures with his new partner Pedraz on her feed.  

In her recent Instagram post, Ester has uploaded the photoshoots of their new magazine compilation with Pedraz. 

If you are interested to learn about her companion, you can find Santiago on Twitter under the handle @sjpedraz.