Ethan Crumbley Mugshot Photos Displayed On Social Media

Ethan's mugshot has been displayed in the media. His photos were being shared on several news channels and social media platforms. 

The 15-year-old student Ethan was a suspected shooter. According to the Detroit News, Police discovered a backpack. Crumbley has a journal on his school backpack with a complete plan of attacking in the school. 

Nevertheless, Ethan's desire to shoot all the students is possibly described as a hate crime. Also, he has access to a firearm and practiced with a Sig Sauer handgun.

Currently, Ethan has been detained in Oakland County Children's Village, reports confirmed.

More On Ethan Crumbley Origin And Ethnicity 

Ethan's ethnicity is white. Also, he is originally from Michigan. The white native American killed four students in November 2021.

Regarding Ethan's nationality, he holds an American nationality.

Discussing his family background, Ethan was born to American parents, James (father) and Jennifer Crumbley (mother). Reports affirmed, Ethan's mom and dad were hauled into the school on Tuesday to meet with administrators, as they are concerned about his strange behavior in the classroom. 

Did Ethan Crumbley Have A Girlfriend?

Ethan's girlfriend details are missing from the source lately. However, students described him as a silent person. He barely talks to anyone in the school, one of his colleagues said.

Whatsoever, the convicted murderer Ethan has been charged as an adult with terrorism, four counts of first-degree murder, and gun possession, and other charges. 

Did you know? Ethan took his dad's 9mm semi-automatic handgun that he bought on Black Friday to execute his plan, which he has been planning for a while.