Maneskin Drummer Ethan Torchio Partner And Wiki: Who Is He Dating?

Maneskin Drummer Ethan Torchio Partner And Wiki: Who Is He Dating?

Fans wonder if Maneskin drummer Ethan Torchio is gay. Who is his girlfriend? To find out more stay with the article.

Ethan is a professional drummer who plays in the Måneskin, a four-piece Italian band. He plays alongside band members Thomas Raggi, Victoria De Angelis, and Damiano David.

The band participated in the X Factor in 2017 and was placed in second place. In 2021, Måneskin won the Sanremo Musical Festival. On May 22, 2021, Måneskin won Eurovision Song Contest.

This was the third victory for Italy and the first since 1990 when Toto Cutungo won.

Is Ethan Torchio Gay?

It is unclear if Ethan Torchio is gay.

Ethan has never confirmed or denied the news if he is gay.

He rarely talks about the details of his relationship or the name of his girlfriend.

Torchio is a very private person, and his Instagram account is mostly about his work and the band.

Ethan Age And Wikipedia Details

Ethan Torchio’s age is 20 years.

Torchio was born on October 8, 2020, in Rome, Italy.

Ethan’s nationality is Italian, and his ethnicity might be Caucasian.

Although a very famous musical artist, Ethan Torchio, is not on Wikipedia.

However, one can read about Torchio’s work on his IMDb page. Ethan has worked on music videos Måneskin: Fear For Nobody and Måneskin: Torna a casa.

He was a part of the 2018 documentary; This is Måneskin. The members of the band express themselves, reveal their personalities, and talk about their careers.

The details about Ethan Torchio’s net worth and earnings are private.

Meet Him On Instagram

Ethan Torchio is active on Instagram with 366k followers.

Torchio’s Instagram bio says he is the drummer of Måneskin. Ethan’s latest post on Instagram was on March 27, 2021.

Ethan uploads several pictures of the events and tours he is performing on his Instagram account.

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