Fact Check: Is Drew Brees Racist? 

There is not a straightforward answer that can be provided to the people regarding this matter, because it is a bit complex. 

What actually caused this thing to happen was the fact that Drew's statement a few months ago, at the time of George Floyd's death seemed like a typical "explanation". 

More precisely, he said a few things which did not directly promote racism, but he seemingly asked people to not talk about it. 

Since this thing is controversial, we would like to make things as clear and direct as possible. 

Drew Brees said that does not agree with anyone who disrespects the country and he said it indicating that people are disrespecting the US national flag and system in the process of supporting George Floyd. 

People took this, and it actually seemed, like Drew's ignorance and this made people think that he is a racist. 

Meet Drew Brees Kids: Their Names Revealed

Drew Brees is the father of 4 children, who he gave birth to with his wife and long-time partner Brittany Dudchenko Brees who he got married to about 2 decades ago in 2003. 

His eldest child is his son Baylen Robert Brees who is currently 12 years old. His second child is his son Bowen Christopher Brees who is 11 years old. 

Then, he gave birth to his other son Callen Christian Brees, aged 9, and his youngest child is his daughter named Rylen Judith Brees who is just 7 years old now. 

Drew Brees Face Star And Hair: Before And After

While most of us have noticed a scar on Drew Brees's face, many of us are concerned about what might have led the scar to form. 

And, obviously, most of us do not know the thing on his face is not actually a scar caused by an accident. 

Indeed, it is a birthmark he has had since he was born and it is n the right cheek of his face. 

Talking about the thing that has changed and people have noticed, we cannot miss talking about his hair. 

Out of nowhere, Drew had an amazing hairline one day, which was just a slightly bad head, turning out to be even balder. 

And, he has never talked about what exactly happened to his hair. Well, we know what happened, but he has not mentioned it himself anywhere. 

Also, there are not a lot of pictures that show him before and after, but if people see different pictures they will surely notice it.