Who Are Casey DeSantis Children? Meet Madison & Mason DeSantis

Who Are Casey DeSantis Children? Meet Madison & Mason DeSantis

Did you Hear the sad news of Casey DeSantis diagnosed with breast cancer? She is also a mother of three children Madison, Mason and Mamie. All the details are explained down below

Casey DeSantis is a former news host currently known as the First Lady of Florida.

Casey’s husband Ron DeSantis is the current governor of the State of Florida.

The governor made a heartful public statement saying that the First Lady of Florida and his beloved is diagnosed with breast cancer. He made the announcement just a couple of hours ago.

He also said that more than a First Lady, she is first a mother and a wife who will be extensively taken care of.

Casey DeSantis Daughter: Madison DeSantis

Madison DeSantis is the eldest kid of all the children of Casey DeSantis. Born in 2017, she is 4 years old now.

As Casey is battling cancer her daughter Madison is one of the many many reasons for her to win victory over the fierceful battle. Casey makes numerous public appearances with her daughter Madison.

Madison was two years old when her father became the governor. So, we could see Madison frequently with her parents.

Casey DeSantis Son: Mason DeSantis

Mason DeSantis is the middle child and the only son of Case DeSantis.

Mason is also a hope for Case to win the cancer battle. Mason was born about a year and a half after his sister, Madison was born. It was also the same time around when his father, Ron became the governor.

So, there are a few appearances of Mason as a really young child. Ever since Mason was born, Casey started taking both of her kids to any public functions she went to.

Casey DeSantis Husband And Net Worth

Ron DeSantis, the husband of Casey DeSantis has a net worth of $348,832 as reported by Sun-Sentinel.

Her husband saw a 20% increase in his salary as a governor which created quite a fuzz in the State of Florida. 

Ron is from the  Republican Party and was in the military before getting into politics. Ron was in the United States Navy and also served during the Iraq War. He was in the army till the post of a Lieutenant Commander. He is also a graduate of Yale University and Harvard University.

Casey and her husband got married in 2010. This year marks its 11th anniversary. Hopefully, after Casey defies cancer, the couple will go on to celebrate more anniversaries.