Fausto Gresini Cause of Death Revealed, How Did He Die?

Fausto Gresini Cause of Death Revealed, How Did He Die?

The Wikipedia page of Fausto Gresini mentions that he was a World Champion Motorcycle Racer in 1985 and 1987.

Fausto Gresini was a World Champion Grand Prix motorcycle racer. Gresini managed Aprilia Racing Team Gresini MotoGP. Out of 132 Grand Prix, he has 21 victories, 15-second place, and 11-third place. Fausto’s professional motorcycle racing career was active from 1983 – 1994.

Meet Fausto Gresini’s Wife And Children

Fausto Gresini is married to his wife is Nadia.

Fausto Gresini and Nadia dated for a while before finally tying the knot. Nadia and Fausto share four children LorenzoLucaAlice, and Agnese.

On his 60th birthday, while he was battling COVID-19, Gresini’s family dedicated a sweet message to him, reports Ruetir.


The Cause Of Death Of Fausto Gresini

The cause of Fausto Gresini’s death was COVID-19 and lung infection.

Fausto was diagnosed with COVID-19 on December 27, 2020. He was admitted to Ospedale Maggiore di Bologna in Italy. Gresini showed signs of recovery in January, but his condition worsened in mid-February 2021.

Fausto Gresini contracted a serious lung infection on February 18, 2021. Gresini passed away at the age of 60, on February 23, 2021, in the hospital, reports The News Letter.

Quick Facts: Fausto Gresini Cause of Death Revealed, How Did He Die?
Name Fausto Gresini
Birthday January 23, 1961 (Died February 23, 2021)
Age 60 years
Gender Male
Nationality Italian
Profession Motorcycle Racer
Married/Single Married
Wife Nadia
Children Lorenzo, Luca, Alice, Agnese

Some Fun Facts About Fausto Gresini

  1. Fausto Gresini’s net worth details are still under review. Gresini rarely talked about information related to his salary and earnings.
  2. Gresini was born on January 23, 1961. Fausto’s age was 60-years-old when he passed on February 23, 2021.
  3. One can read about Gresini’s bio and career details on a couple of Wiki-bio pages. Fausto Gresini’s Wikipedia page includes Grand Prix career statistics, information about his motorcycle racing career, and racing team management career.
  4. Fausto was born and raised in Imola, Italy. Gresini’s nationality is Italian.
  5. Gresini began his racing career at the age of 17 in 1978. His first race was on a Minarelli 50. Fausto joined the MBA team, Grand Prix circuit, in 1983.

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