Who Are Fix You Coldplay Tribute Band? Members Wikipedia

Fix You, the Coldplay tribute band is a group of five distinct members.

The members are Daniel Owen on bass guitar, Will Ross on lead guitar, Patrick McFall on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jefferson Nunnery on drums and Doobie on keyboard.

Some of the members are full-time musicians whereas some also have a second profession.

Patrick McFall, the vocalist owns a coffee shop, and Nunnery, the drummer also works as production manager for several other bands. 

Fix You Coldplay Tribute Band Members Age

The age of the members of the Coldplay tribute band Fix You looks to be well above 40 years.

All the members also have children of small age and all are married. Similarly, the band started performing solely Coldplay's music 12 years ago. Thus we can say with confidence that their age if well above 40.

Meanwhile, their individual age details are currently unavailable on the web.

Fix You Coldplay Tribute Band Net Worth

The net worth of the Coldplay tribute band, Fix You is not accessible to backtrack.

Since they are a cover band and do not release their own records, we cannot average them for album sales. Furthermore, there is no fixed capital market for a musical band making their payment inconsistent.

Meanwhile, an average person earns around $35,000 by playing concerts regularly, as perZip Recruiter. Considering the success of this band, their annual pay could be above the presented figure.

Their success can be seen as they have their own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.