Floor Is Lava Netflix Game Show Release Date: Cast, Trailer and Review

Floor Is Lava Netflix Game Show Release Date: Cast, Trailer and Review

Yes! Netflix made a game show out of “The Floor Is Lava”. That’s right. Netflix has made me excited just like many other fans around the world. With new reality TV and documentaries, this jump into the game shows is really great choice for Netflix and they have done a great job at making a show out of something so goofy and ghetto.

What Is “The Floor Is Lava?” Netflix Show All About?

The floor is a lava challenge that got really famous on the internet. People would be acting normal in their daily acts and suddenly your friend would scream, “The Floor is lava”. I mean you can’t step on the lava. You have to ow find the high ground.

This is the whole concept of the game. Everybody on the internet has been doing this challenge for a while. But the Netflix has added its own set of rules and made this show in a bigger way.

First of all, there are teams competing and there is points involved. And let’s not start talking about the fantastic sets they have built with the floor that actually has lava- thanks to water and hot lights. This is going to be a great fun show for the whole family.

“The Floor Is Lava” Release Date – June 19, 2020

This show is releasing its first season on June 19, 2020. This means the show is going to release two days after the date this article’s being written. People are quarantined around the world and this show is going to be an entertaining hit for this time.

On June 19th the whole season of this game show is going to be released because Netflix is all about promoting the binge-watching experience.

It is going to be amazing to see this format of game show will be taken by the public who are accustomed to seeing the episodal format of traditional TV shows. There is going to be a lot to see and analyze how this trend will work for the future of game shows on the streaming platforms.

The Floor Is Lava’s Host, Cast and Contestants: Season 1

The IMDB and Netflix info shows that the star of the show is Rutledge Wood.

The other contestants are just normal people fighting for this game.

I suppose Rutledge is going to host the show and going to be somewhat of a draw like Chris Harrisson is for The Bachelor series. 

If you want the names of the contestants in the first season, I will have to say that their names aren’t available on Netflix, IMDB, and on the internet. If this show will be hit and be renewed fr further seasons, you might find yourself jumping from tables to tables trying not to fall in a hot lava pool.

The Floor Is Lava Reviews: Will It Be Renewed For Season 2 on Netflix?

This show hasn’t released yet. So, we have to say that the reviews aren’t in yet. The reviews will come in at the very first day of the so’s premiere because it’s a Netflix show which means it will be viewed in many territories in the world.

As of right now, it is popular in IMDB. 4717 people have viewed their profile on IMDb and 212 thousand people have seen the trailer of the show on Youtube.

If I were to give a review, it’s going to be awesome because I already love the challenge before it was made into a game show. But the thing that concerns me a bit is what if the fun and goofiness get lost with the big sets and hype.

We will have to wait for June 19 when the series is released so that the reviews come in and the fate of the show will be decided ultimately.

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