Who Are Fooz Fighters From Clash Of Cover Bands? Meet The Foo Fighters Tribute Band On Instagram

Who Are Fooz Fighters From Clash Of Cover Bands? Meet The Foo Fighters Tribute Band On Instagram

Fooz Fighters members are one of the participants on the show Clash Of Cover Bands. Let’s learn more about them.

Professionally, Fooz Fighters are the tribute band to Foo Fighter.

They have been nominated for the Tribute Artist of the Year at the 2020 Musivv Digital Music Awards.

Furthermore, the band has performed in many venues, which experience will certainly come in handy in Clash of the Cover Bands.

Who Are Clash Of Cover Bands Fooz Fighters?

Clash of Cover Bands contestant Fooz fighters is the tribute band for the American rock band Foo Fighters. 

The actual Foo Fighters was formed in Seattle in the year 1994.

As per the Talent Recap, the band Fooz FIghter is currently on tour across the U.S through December.

Furthermore, Fooz fighters performed at Dave Grohl’s Ultimate jam Night in addition to Foo Fighters’ annual charity event for the Love Hope Strength Foundation in Los Angeles.

Fooz Fighters Members Name And Age

Fooz Fighters is formed with five members; Nicky Rich, Boll3t, Brent Wright, David Tishenkel, and Gui Bodi.

Nicky is the lead vocalist in the band, Boll3t is a drummer, Brent and David is a guitarist, and Gri Bodi is a bass/ backing vocals.

Furthermore, Boll3t and Gui seem to be in their 30s, Nicky, Brent, and David look like they are in their 40s.

Going through Twitter, we find that Rich celebrates his birthday on the 19th of February every year.

However, we lack intel on the other members’ birthdays.

It seems like they tend to keep their info as private as possible, as most of their persona data is missing from the web browsers.

Meet Fooz Fighters On Instagram

Fooz Fighters are active on Instagram, where they possess around 8,588 followers with 997 posts in it.

The band has followed 2,590 active users and runs the account under the name of @foozfighters.

Going through the Ig handle of the band, we could at least be sure that they are pretty popular among the public.

Furthermore, Fooz Fighters has 323 followers with 1,974 tweets on their Twitter handle. The band seems to be quite active on social media.

On the bio of their Instagram, they have placed their official website link, where people can see their tour info and booking info.

Fooz Fighters Family Details

Fooz Fighters band members have not openly revealed about their family.

We could not find any detailed info regarding each member’s personal life. However, the band itself is a family for its members.

It might be the case that Fooz Fighters are keeping their professional life away from their personal life.