Fox Sports: Why Is Howie Long Not On Fox NFL Today?

Howie Long is not on Fox NFL today because of his health problem as we have guessed.

An hour ago, a Twitter user shared that the Fox NFL Sunday crew are in New York City right off the Macy’s Parade route. But, the one thing that is missing is actually Howie Long.

Some of his familiar ones wished for his speedy recovery in November 22. Well, this does imply that something is wrong with Howie Long's health.

Howie Long Surgery Update -Is He Sick? What Happened To Him?

There is no news about Howie Long's surgery updates and no details about him being sick at present.

But, in 1986, when he was involved as an athlete, the former Raiders underwent surgery on his knee. Likewise, in the same year in November, Howie underwent surgery. On Sunday night, he was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with a bruised muscle due to pooled blood.

He developed a bruise above his left knee that was drained. He was supposed to be freed the next day, and after a few days in San Diego, he was about to play a game.

In 2020, the news about his son Kyle having an elbow and torn labrum in his shoulder surfaced on the web. Because of this, his son had to undergo simultaneous surgeries to fix his injuries and fractures.

As per NBC Sports, Howie had 11 surgeries and his son has to go through 6 surgeries for their injuries recovery. What's more, these injuries put a full-stop in his son Kyle's emerging career phase.

Howie Long Wife And Children Details

Howie Long's wife is Diane Addonizio Long, a lawyer whom he got married in 1982.

The former NFL athlete shares three children named Chris, Kyle, and Howie Jr. with his wife.

Diane, aside from being known as the wife and mom of athletes, has made a separate identity for herself as a businesswoman who is involved in the legal and law sector.