Who Is Furkan Korkmaz Girlfriend Or Wife? Details To Know About The Love Life Of The NBA Player

Who Is Furkan Korkmaz Girlfriend Or Wife? Details To Know About The Love Life Of The NBA Player

Furkan Korkmaz is a Turkish professional basketball player and fans have been speculating about his wife or partner in recent times. Lets get to know more about his love life.

Furkan Korkmaz has been playing in the national basketball league of America for more than 4 years and has been able to maintain his position.

He generally gets under several rumors and false accusations from time to time and it is not a new thing for him.

In recent times, once again the fans are speculating about his relationship and the information about his wife or girlfriend.

Who Is The Girlfriend Or Wife Of Furkan Korkmaz?

There are no details relating to the wife or girlfriend of Furkan Korkmaz available on the internet as of now.

Although he is actively present on several social media platforms, he has not shared anything about his romantic life on it yet.

He often gets under the rumor of being together with several big celebrities including his recent rumor about being with pop icon Rihanna.

Aside from these baseless rumors and hoaxes, we cannot find any of his fresh linkages with anyone and it seems that he is currently single.

With his charm and brooding physical appearances, anyone gets impressed and might think of getting together with him.

Find About Age And Height Of Furkan Korkmaz  

Furkan Korkmaz is currently 24 years old age whereas he measures 6 feet 7 inches in height.

He was born on the 24th of July, 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey and although he plays in an American league, he proudly calls himself a Turkish Nationale.

Similarly, he was into basketball right from a young age as he has been playing it since his school days when he was just 9 years old.

After playing in his home court for several years, he successfully got selected in the 2016 NBA draft and has been playing professionally since then.

What Is The Net Worth Of Furkan Korkmaz?

The estimated net worth of Furkan Korkmaz is around $5 million – $10 million as of 2021.

With his association with NBA team Philadelphia 76ers, he has been earning more than $1 million annually in recent times. 

This wealthy national basketball association team has been paying their excellent players a handsome amount every season.

Along with playing for Philadelphia, he has also been representing his national team in several international tournaments.

Meet The Parents Of Furkan Korkmaz On Instagram?

Furkan Korkmaz has been discreet about most of the information relating to his family on Instagram as well as other media sources.

He is the son of Dursun Korkmaz whereas the details about his mother are not actively available on the web as of the present.

As well, we can follow him on Instagram under the handle @furkankorkmaz where he usually shares about his games and his performances in it.

Furthermore, he is present on the social media platform Twitter where he goes by the username @FurkanKorkmaz.