Who Is Sofia Lesaffre? Everything To Know About The Actress From The Movie Baraquers Or Ganglands

Who Is Sofia Lesaffre? Everything To Know About The Actress From The Movie Baraquers Or Ganglands

Sofia Lesaffre is a well-known actress and television personality from France. Here’s all you need to know about the actress known for her role in the Netflix Series ‘Ganglands’.

Sophia Lesaffre is an actress best known for playing Amal in the film A Life of Love

Her most recent Netflix program debuted tonight. Ganglands is a jumbled tale of heists, robberies, drug cartels, and tangled relationships.

The show’s first two episodes were published today, and the other episodes will be available soon.

Who Is Sofia Lesaffre?

Sofia Lesaffre is a well-known French actress and television personality renowned for her films and television shows.

Sophia (Sofia) made her acting debut in the 2018 film “Pout Vivre Heurrux.” The main character has also appeared in several other movies.

She rose to fame as a result of her diverse acting abilities and talents, which are well-liked by the public. She has appeared in several films, including Alone and Les Miserables, which is a popular film.

Since Sofia was young, she has always been interested in performing and theatre and has wanted to pursue a career in it. 

The young performer starred alongside Laetitia Casta, Simon Abkarian, and Alban Lenoir in the film According to the Police, directed by Frédéric Videau, in which she played a teenage policewoman.

In the 2020 school year, she will feature with Catherine Deneuve and Bastien Ughetto in Benoît Marriage’s Franco-Belgian comedy Saint Habib beginning.

Sofia Lesaffre Wikipedia 

Sofia Lesaffre does have a Wikipedia page allocated to her.

Most of Lesaffre’s professional accomplishments are included in her Wikipedia profile.

Her IMDb profile, on the other hand, also provides some useful information.

Despite her celebrity in the entertainment business, there is virtually little information about her on the internet. She appears to keep her details hidden.

Sofia Lesaffre Age; How Old Is She?

By 2021, Sofia Lesaffre is 24 years old.

She was born into a family of European descent and currently resides in France. As a result, the actress is a French national.

She was born in France on April 1, 1997.

In the public, there is no information about his family background.

Is Sofia Lesaffre Dating Someone?

Sofia has kept her dating status a secret till now. 

However, we went through her social media profiles as well as the internet but we couldn’t uncover anything odd about her romantic life.

As a result, it would be reasonable to assume that she is now single.

For the time being, she is concentrating on her acting career and her commitment to her profession.

Sofia Lesaffre on Instagram

 With 10.5k followers and 104 posts, Sofia is extremely active on Instagram.

Her Instagram account is @lsfsofia.

In addition, she has a variety of photographs of herself and colleagues recording aspects on his Instagram.