Gardening Australia: Who Was Peter Cundell?

For Australian gardeners, Peter Cundall has become a household name.

Gardening Australia, the TV show and magazine Cundall represented has a devoted following of younger and older gardeners and enthusiasts.

Likewise, Peter Cundall's talks at Gardening Australia Live shows (gardening exhibitions in major Australian cities) drew a large crowd.

Among 100th most trusted Australians conducted by Reader's Digest in 2008, he ranked eighth. He was a pacifist and an environmentalist.

Who is Peter Cundell Wife?

Peter Cundell is married to Tina Cundell.

It is unclear regarding the fact of how long they both have been married. 

Additionally, both Peter and Tina have two children of their own. 

Before Tina, Peter was married to his first wife, whose name is kept away from the limelight. With her, though, he has four children.

Tina also had children with her previous husband. 

Now, together both have seven children in total. Their respective names are yet to be revealed in the media. 

Peter Cundell: His Age and Death Cause Revealed

Peter Cundell was 94 years old when he passed away on 5th December 2021. 

On Sunday afternoon, the national broadcaster issued a statement confirming the news.

"On Sunday, 5th December, Peter Cundall died away peacefully, surrounded by family, after a brief illness," it said.

The family further requested the media to allow them some privacy to mourn. 

Also, while many were well-liked, Peter desired that he be cremated privately and that no memorial services be performed.

What is Peter Cundall Net Worth 2021?

Peter Cundell's estimates confirm that he holds a net worth of $100,000 up to $1 million.

Further clarifications on the media regarding his salary ranges are yet to be disclosed to the public.