Ghost Photoshoot TikTok Trend Explained: How To Do This Challenge?

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Ghost Photoshoot TikTok Trend Explained: How To Do This Challenge?

Ghost Photoshoot is the new thing on TikTok that people are going crazy about. who would have known that ghosts would love to be in social media?

Spooky is fun. Ghosts have been associated with human beings for a long time and our fascination with the idea of ghosts never seems to cease.

Not only the spiritual aspect of it but also the aesthetic quality of a ghost is pleasing. We have all seen people wearing a white-colored blanket and acting like ghosts. That’s the ghost I am talking about.


Thought we’d try this trend 😌 👻 @mrs.creatingwonders ##BoostYourMood ##learnontiktok ##itstartsontiktok

♬ tEaRs fAlLiNg dOwn – todorokics

I have to say the addition of the sunglasses make the ghosts more stylish and adds to the vibe pretty nicely.

Ghost photoshoot Trend 

This is pretty self-explanatory. There is a ghost and then there’s a photoshoot. That’s what this challenge is all about. People dress up as a ghost by putting a long blanket and put some sunglasses. Then, they take their pictures.

We have no idea who started this trend but it was pretty fun and goofy and now it’s become a giant thing that hundreds of people are participating in.

People are taking lots of pictures as ghosts and while some of the videos are just about the photo shoot, some of the videos are funny. Especially photographers seem to be interested in this challenge as the challenge is about the photoshoot.


boo ##foryou ##foryoupage ##photography ##spookyseason ##MorningCheer ##YouHaveTo

♬ tEaRs fAlLiNg dOwn – todorokics

@jackjanson88  uploaded the above video on his Tiktok account and it was liked by 233 thousand people. I guess people really lie the pictures he took and people are generally obsessed with ghosts.

Ghost Photoshoot Videos On TikTok Explained

TikTok seems to be the place where this trend was originated and it has flourished here unlike any other social media platforms. The imagery of ghosts on films and TV is something we have been accustomed to. Now, it’s TikToker’s turn to take pictures of ghosts.

The reason for this trend to have gone this viral is nothing major. There aren’t any ideas that you are missing and no secret reasons why this trend was started.


didn’t work that well but i think it looks pretty spooky ##BoostYourMood ##colorcustomizer ##grunge ##spooky ##ghost ##halloween ##alt ##witchtok

♬ tEaRs fAlLiNg dOwn – todorokics

Ther isn’t any big meaning behind these videos. There is just one reason why people are making these videos. That’s because these videos are cool. Ghost pictures see to have a certain aesthetic pleasing effect that people want to look at them.

After all, there was a whole movie called “A Ghost Story” starring a ghost. Films have been made where ghosts are shot exactly like on these Tiktok videos. So, it’s not a big surprise to see 29.9 million views on videos that have used the hashtag “#ghostphotoshoot”.

How To Do Ghost Photoshoot? Step By Step Guide

If you want to do the Ghost Photoshoot by yourself, it’s pretty easy. Some of you guys might have already figured how you could do this. If you have made Tiktok videos before, I am sure that you won’t find this so complex.

As for the people who are clueless regarding this trend and want to do make a video about ghosts, I am going to teach you how you can do that.

  1. Get a white piece of cloth that you can put over yourself and make sure that the cloth covers almost all of your legs.
  2. Cut out a space for your holes if you need them but if you can see without cutting it, you will be okay.
  3. Just take a couple of photographs dressed as a ghost and store that on your phone.
  4. Make a Tiktok video and add some photos and edit them using a simple TikTok interface to edit video.
  5. Upload the video!!!

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