What Religion Does Gil Ofarim Follow? Details to Know About The Singer – Is The Singer Jude or Muslim?

What Religion Does Gil Ofarim Follow? Details to Know About The Singer – Is The Singer Jude or Muslim?

Gil Ofarim is a german musician who is recently in limelight because of the controversy created over anti-semitism. Lets get to know about his religion and the recent issue regarding it.

Gil Ofarim became the victim and was humiliated for having a faith in certain religion which is an emerging social issue.

There have been several cases over the recent period where the hate toward Jewish been is seen through various mediums.

What Is Singer Gil Ofarim Religion? 

The local celebrity singer Gil Ofarim follows the Jewish religion, Judaism, and has been following it since childhood.

A few days back, he was forbidden from entering a hotel because of a pendant he was wearing that had a Star of David attached to it.

The Star of David identifies Judaism religion and the people following this religion as well as others too wear it as a symbol of faith.  

Apparently, he posted a video on his social media handles and made an accusation over the Westin Leipzig hotel of denying him the service.

This was just an exemplary case regarding antisemitism as the artist claims that he has been facing this for a long time back.

Is The Singer Gil Ofarim Jude Or Muslim? 

Gil Ofarim is Jude as he follows the Judaism religion and supports other religions equally.

His parents were Israeli Jewish who later got migrated to Germany where Gil was born on the 13th of August, 1982.

He constantly follows the ritual and his duties regarding his religion and has been supporting and advocating for the people of his community.

Currently, he has been residing in Germany as a dual citizen of Israel and Germany and he possesses the nationality of both the nation.

Gil Ofarim Parents: His Father And Mother Origin 

Gil Ofarim was born to Israeli musician Abi Ofarim and his first wife Esther Ofarim and both his father and mother are of Israeli origin.

He is the first child of his parents and he also has a younger brother, Tal Ofarim who is 2 years younger than him and also is a musician.

As he was born in a musical family, almost all the members of his family are into music and they have achieved a certain success in all genres.

Although his father is no more there with him, he misses him very much and is immensely loved by his mother and he cares about her too.

Who Is Gil Ofarim Girlfriend Or Wife?

Gil Ofarim was married to his longtime girlfriend Verena Brock on the 15th of December, 2014, and made her his wife.

They tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony in Germany itself where lots of distinguished figure of musical industry attended as a guest.

A year later, this happy couple welcomed their first child, a son, and two years after that their daughter was born and they love both of them equally.

Unfortunately, few years after their marriage, they had to end it because of certain reasons but Gil gained custody of their child and has been living with them.