Gilbert Swanson Wikipedia Age: All About Him

Gilbert Swanson Wikipedia Age: All About Him

Gilbert Swanson can be an inspiration to many as he successfully took over his family business and left behind a legacy for the next generation.

Gilbert Swanson is the son of Carl Anton Swanson. Carl was the founder of the food production company Swanson.

Gilbert Swanson was the eldest son and the first one to advance through the workings of the family business. After his father’s death, he, along with his younger brother, inherited the industry. 

Swanson’s sons introduced Frozen Chicken Pot Pie in 1951. Following the success, the company brought out heat and serve frozen turkey dinner.

Gilbert Swanson Wikipedia

Gilbert Carl Swanson has no Wikipedia published as of now.

Gilbert was born on January 7, 1906, in Omaha Douglas County, Nebraska, USA.

However, we know that Gilbert successfully reconfirmed his family’s legacy and its hold on Omaha.

Gilbert held positions of leadership in local charitable organizations as well.

Gilbert Swanson Family

Gilbert came from an entrepreneurial family.

He was the son of Carl Anton Swanson (father) and Carolina Gerock Swanson (mother).

Similarly, he had two brothers Walter Clarke Swanson and Gretchen Swanson Velde.

Furthermore, Gilbert was a married man. He married his wife Roberta Fulbright, sister of former United States Senator J. William Fulbright. 

With his wife, he had two sons, Gilbert Jr. and Jay F., and two daughters, Patricia Caroline and Helen Carla.

Gilbert Age: Is He Still Alive?

Gilbert Swanson at the age of 59 died of cancer on March 8, 1965.

The Omaha World-Herald acknowledged the city’s debt to the first two generations of the Swanson family after Gilber’s Funeral.

He passed away but left his family legacy behind. As a matter of fact, his sons and daughters took the responsibility of the Omaha leadership. 

Unfortunately, his son Gilbert Jr. also died on December 30, 2013.