Gorilla Riot Band Members, New Albums, Wiki, Bio, Songs

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Gorilla Riot Band Members, New Albums, Wiki, Bio, Songs

Gorilla Riot is a 5-piece band that specializes in music of dirty, southern, and grungy blues-rock genre. This Manchester, England based band was formed in 2013. Their latest album “The Peach” was released in 2020 which included most of the popular songs like “Black Heart Woman”, “Half Cut”, “Young Guns”, and others.

Moreover, their song  Bad Son” has been included in the compilation album which was released on March 13, 2020, called “Earache presents New Wave Of Rock N Roll”.

The high voltage Rock n Roll magazine, Classic Rock has popped up the song of Gorilla Riot “Still doing time” in their Tracks of the Week. Tracks of the Week by Classic Rock Magazine uses public vote to determine which of the eight rock tracks is the much-loved one that week. This song of Gorilla Riot that has been in the nominations is from the recent album, Peach and it has a languid swagger built into its dirty, bluesy skeleton. Still in Time is one of the shortest and snappiest tunes on the record.

In this article, we have included everything we know about this unique and classic blues rock band, Gorilla Riot.

Gorilla Riot Band Members

Gorilla Riot is formed with the union of five group members. The main man Arjun Bhishma created this band as he surrounded himself with the best and talented musical artists in Manchester to form Gorilla Riot in 2013.

The members of this band are:

  • Arjun Bhishma (Lead vocalist/guitarist)
  • Liam Henry (guitarist/vocalist)
  • Charly T. (guitarist/vocalist)
  • James Degnen (bassist) a.k.a Deggy
  • Will Lewis (drummer)

Gorilla Riot Wiki

This English Rock band, Gorilla Riot is famous for its unique songs. Their loud blues-based rock music while combining the elements of grunge, stoner, and country music to create a full-on high energy rock show feels like a cream on guitar.

Arjun Bhishma from Manchester along with the other band members began songwriting and soon entered the studio to record their debut album titled “Gorilla Riot” in 2014. This set them on the path to showcase their blues-drenched dirty music that evolved into the acclaimed EP, Six Shots Down in 2017.

They have toured extensively last year with shows in France and Spain, and then across the U.K. and ended the year on the Planet Rock Roadstars tour. 

Gorilla Riot Albums

There are about five albums released by this newest band in England who have been active since 2014. Their first album was the self-titled one i.e., Gorilla Riots. All the albums from this Rock band are:

  • Gorilla Riot (2014)
  • Eve Tapes (2014)
  • Six- Shots Down (2016)
  • American Honey Vol.1 (2018)
  • Peach (2020)

Their latest album PEACH was released on January 31, 2020. It is from the record label Off Yer Rocka. You must have heard many of its songs already as it includes most popular songs like “Chuggin”, “Half Cut”, Young Guns”, etc. If you have not watched and heard this amazing and brilliant album yet, then I recommend you to give it a try. It would make you fall in love with Blues rock even though you are a hardcore heavy metal fans.

Gorilla Riot Songs

With around 29 songs, this band is one of the best new rock bands in England with its sharp and swaggering cocksure rock. Their slow, swaggering bluesy rock’n’roll music with lashings of southern rock warmth to cut through the grease is pretty nice. Some of their best songs are Half Cut, Most Wanted, Last Hymn, Black Heart Woman, Down the road, Kerosene Clown, Midnight Rider, Bad son, Ain’t no use being Good, Dirty, Morning Sun, Soldier, and many more.

The most latest released single is “Still Doing Time” from the album PEACH which was just released in late July 2020. The official video also just got released on Youtube a few days ago. You can watch the video of this latest song here.

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