What Is Grab Some Eggs Challenge On TikTok?

Grab Some Eggs is also known as Grab Some Eggz, which is a stealing trend on TikTok. Many students have taken part in this challenge. 

Meanwhile, it is a stealing trend that has caught the attention of many people. The students have released a list of unmannerly challenges for every month of the school year.

The respective list can be found on various sites on the internet. As per the listing, the students have set a plan to do Egg challenge in the month of April.

Reportedly, this Egg challenge is similar to that of the devious lick. This challenge may disappear from the internet if the plan goes right as the authorities have issued a warning.

Grab Some Eggs Challenge: Trend Meaning Explained

Grab Some Eggs challenge is a stealing trend, so those who do this challenge steals eggs.

This trend is tagged as Grab Some Eggz, where students steal eggs from the school cafeteria. Meanwhile, schools and parents are against this trend.

The officials have also issued a statement admitting to punish those who take part in this challenge. Additionally, a school from Virginia has closed all the bathrooms to avoid this trend.

Schools are taking steps to keep students from completing the challenges.

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