10 Facts on Harlys Becerra

  1. Harlys Becerra was born on the 11th of June 1984. He is 36 years of age already. But he looks younger than his actual age. 
  2. The handsome actor has a height of 5 feet and 12 inches. He has a well-toned body with a weight of 78 Kg.  He has no doubt increased his fan following just from doing some modeling works. 
  3. The net worth of the actor is not available. As of now, he seems to be living a luxurious life. But when it comes to revealing his net worth, he has not said anything. 
  4. We do not know if the actor is gay. But we surely know he has friend circles who are from the LGBT community. He has not disclosed his relationship status. So it is hard to say about his relations. 
  5. Becerra is a private person and does not like to expose his family life to the general public. He seems to be a privacy lover. Thus he has not shared about his parents. 
  6. Becerra's studies details are unavolble. 
  7. Born in Cuba, Harlys has Cuban nationality. However, he has also spent seven years of his life in Spain. 
  8. The actor first started as a cook. He was a cook in London. However, later on he chose acting as his career. 
  9. Some of his popular works are Vis a Vis, La Princesa Paca, Farina, and Bounty Hunters. 
  10. Becerra has Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube Channel. His Instagram has 363k followers while his Twitter account has 409 followers.