Helia Ebrahimi Wikipedia Age Husband: Is She Married?

Helia Ebrahimi Wikipedia Age Husband: Is She Married?

Does Helia Ebrahimi have a husband? Learn about the personal life details of the professional journalist.

Ebrahimi is a British Journalist. She is best known as the business correspondent of Channel 4 news.

Helia has also worked for several media networks prior to Channel 4, such as The Telegraph, CNBC, and The Mail. She covers the news of finance and business from all over the world.

Is Helia Ebrahimi On Wikipedia?

Helia does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to herself yet.

However, she has been mentioned on the Wikipedia page of Channel 4 News as Economics Correspondent.

She began her career in journalism with The Mail on Sunday, where she reported on gender equity and women’s involvement in the business sector. In 2008, Helia became the Senior City Correspondent for The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. 

She became one of the renowned journalists of The Telegraph media group as she broke several major news during her tenure with the media group such as “£30m bonus pot of RBS” and “the attempted takeover of BSkyB by News Corp.”.

Helia also worked for CNBC, UK Business Editor, Squawk Box, Closing Bell, and Worldwide Exchange.

Ms. Ebrahimi is currently working as a business correspondent for Channel 4 news. She covers the news of business, finance, and the economy.

Her Age Explored

Helia is 43 years old as of 2021.

She was born on April 30, 1978, in Tehran, Iran. She holds Iranian nationality and Iranian-British ethnicity. 

Helia moved to England with her family at a very young age. 

She graduated in journalism from the City University of London.

Helia Ebrahimi’s Husband: Who is She married to?

Ms. Ebrahimi has not married yet.

She has kept her personal life under the covers. There is also no information on her boyfriend or ex-partners (if any).

Although she is active on Twitter, she never posts anything related to her personal life. She mostly tweets about finance and economics.

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