Hester Ford Age Wikipedia: Everything On Husband And Children

Hester Ford Age Wikipedia: Everything On Husband And Children

America’s oldest person Hester Ford has died, but she left behind quite a legacy. Learn about Hester Ford age and Wikipedia in this article.

Hester Ford was an American supercentenarian who was the oldest living person in the United States. She rose to stardom after living more than 100 years and creating a record across the country.

Moreover, she was declared as the oldest person in the US until her death by the Gerontology Research Group.

Recently, there is an outlet of Hester Ford’s death on online sources. She died in Charlotte, North Carolina, on 17 April 2021.

Hester Ford Age Revealed

Hester Ford died at the age of 116.

Gerontology suggests that she was born on 15 August 1905. But, Ford’s family claims that she was born in 1904. 

Moreover, Hester Ford was born in Lancaster, Lancaster County, South Carolina, the US, which makes her American by nationality.

Does Hester Ford Have Wikipedia?

Hester Ford Wikipedia is not available on the Web.

Despite the fact Ford has no dedicated Wikipedia page, her name is already placed on the List of American supercentenarians on Wikipedia. 

Also, we can find Hester’s biography on several websites and also on various news portals. One can easily gather her information through dedicated Web portals.

Everything On Her Husband And Children

Hester Ford husband is John Ford.

In addition to that, Hester proudly took John’s surname after tieing the nuptial knot on 12 March 1921. She was just 15 years of age when she got married to John. 

The couple, Hester and John, had 12 children, which include eight daughters and four sons. Among them, one of their son named Hattie Thomas.

Hester Ford Died: Cause of Death

Hester Ford died peacefully at her home, surrounded by family at the of 116.

There is no actual cause of death of Hester Ford. However, he lived through the 1918 influenza pandemic as well as the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

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