Hey Mike How Old Is Your Mom TikTok Trend Explained

Hey Mike How Old Is Your Mom TikTok Trend Explained

Have you guys seen these really hilarious lip-sync videos lately on your TikTok For You Page saying “Hey Mike How Old Is Your Mom?” 

TikTok is a pretty amazing app and it is really admirable how people come up with different and unique videos every day. But the really amazing thing is that when someone makes a unique or funny video on TikTok, all the other users start making similar videos too and a trend gets started. 

The same thing has happened in this case with the “Hey Mike How Old is Your Mom” videos. Here we are going to explain everything about this viral TikTok trend called “Hey Mike How Old Is Your Mom?” 

“Hey Mike How Old Is Your Mom” TikTok Trend Explained

First, if you have not seen many videos on Hey Mike How Old Is Your Mom, here is a compilation of such videos.

There is always that one friend who doesn’t know his limits and starts hitting on anyone. Especially in these times of quarantining, we are getting bored at our homes and cannot go out to strip clubs with our friends. 

And even if we meet then it’s usually at each other’s home. So this sound is totally relatable for many people and funny at the same time.

What is the original sound of “Hey Mike How Old Is Your Mom”? 

The original sound of this TikTok trend “Hey Mike How Old is your Mom?” is extracted from a scene of an American comedy movie called “Think Like a Man”

Think Like a Man is a romantic comedy movie released in 2012. It is based on the 2009 book “Act like a lady, think like a man” by Steve Harvey. 

The plot follows the trouble four male friends face in their love life as their significant other is reading Steve Harvey’s book. Later they turn the tables around as they realize that they can also follow the advice from the same book to be aware of what their ladies might know. 

Anyways, the scene is when Cedric (Kevin Hart) goes to Michael’s (Terrence J) house and starts hitting on Mike’s mother, Mrs. Loretta. You also thought the sound was somewhat familiar, right? Well, now you know where you heard it and whose voice is it. 

You can watch the original scene from the movie here.

“Hey Mike How Old Is Your Mom” TikTok Trend is viral now

After the “Think Like a Man” movie has been released on Netflix, this particular scene of Kevin Hart has become really popular. 

Kevin Hart is no doubt a really fun and talented comedian in all his movies but this scene really cracked us all up. Fans have loved this scene so much that they are getting really creative and making their own version of this sound.

There are above 40.6K videos so far on this Think Like a Man sound clip.


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♬ Think Like a Man movie scene – albertbjr09

It is obviously not a good thing if your friend hits on your mom, right? But what’s the harm in creating a video just for fun.

I mean literally, everyone is doing it right now. Even the kids are doing it now. Look at this cute kid who is following the trend with his perfect lip-sync and great acting skills.


Miss Loretta!!! Lol##enkyboy ##enkyboys@kstuksa

♬ Think Like a Man movie scene – albertbjr09

Now that we have seen so many TikTok videos on Kevin Hart’s sound, it would have been amazing if Kevin Hart himself would do the remake of this scene on TikTok. After all, he has made so many funny videos on his TikTok account and it would just be a plus one for him, but a huge deal of happiness for us TikTok users.

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