How Old Is Hilary Amanda Jane? Find More About Actress And Michael Whitehall Wife Age

How Old Is Hilary Amanda Jane? Find More About Actress And Michael Whitehall Wife Age

Hilary Amanda Jane gave birth to her firstborn at the age of 28. Is the actress updated on Wikipedia? Let’s find it out in the article below.

Hilary is an acclaimed actress best known for her roles in Fierce Creatures and more. In fact, she is also best perceived as the wife of an English TV personality, Michael Whitehall.

Some of her well-recognized roles comprise London’s Burning and Dunrulin as well.

The actress has been in the industry for quite some time now, i.e., almost three decades. In the article below, let’s discover some intriguing facts about the actress.

Hilary Amanda Jane Age And Wikipedia

Hilary Amanda Jane’s age is disclosed to be 61 years old precisely as of 2021.

That being said, the explicit insights of her birth details remain obscure so far. We’ve come to know about her age calculating through her birth year, i.e., 1960.

Hilary hasn’t made it to Wikipedia to this day.

Nevertheless, articles comprising her brief bio are within easy reach on the web.

Hilary and Michael share three children, two sons and a daughter from their marriage. The eldest son, Jack Whitehall, is a prominent comedian, actor, and writer.

Hilary’s daughter Molly Louisa Whitehall celebrated her 31st birthday last October 24. While the youngest son, Barnaby William Whitehall, is 29 years as of now.

What Is Hilary Amanda Jane Net Worth?

The net worth of Hilary Amanda Jane is estimated to be millions of dollars.

Notwithstanding, the precise figures are yet to be substantiated by the trusted sources.

At the age of 61, Hilary must be more than content with her quality of life. Her children have all settled down with a prosperous career which may make her content at times.

Hilary Amanda Jane Family 

Discoursing Hilary Amanda Jane’s family, she is William L. T. Isbister and Dorothy Isbister.

She changed her last name to her husband’s in honor of their marriage.

Before her marriage, the actress was known as Hilary Amanda Jane Isbister.

To be honest, sadly, we are short of data in regards to insights of her family. We, however, are trying to assemble all the snippets of information in the best way possible.

Correspondingly, speaking of her in-laws, J Baxter Whitehall is her father-in-law.

Whereas Hilary’s mother-in-law is disclosed to be Nora Whitehall.

Follow Hilary On Instagram

Any one of us can follow the amazing actress Hilary on Instagram.

Hilary goes by her name itself, i.e., @hilarywhitehall, on the platform. In fact, she is already verified, with followers counting over 100k thus far.

The religious user updates her account’s feed now and then.

Jane sometimes shares randomly without maintaining a specific theme. Occasionally, she can be seen sharing special moments with her family.

Whereas sometimes pictures of her children to grandchildren as well.